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A Companion Guide to Onsite Training

Welcome to the online educational companion and training syllabus for your introduction to the world of Paragliding in the USA. This program will cover all of the necessary ground school topics to help complete your training. The material and information provided here will be reviewed and discussed with your instructor(s) in an ongoing and daily basis to help ensure the concepts are clearly understood.

This P2 Course/Syllabus is based on “Introduction to Paragliding”

Original Authors:

Denise Reed / Doug Stroop / Marty DeVietti / Chris Grantham

  • Initial web development – 2018 – Shane Parreco
  • Special Thanks: Becca Bredehoft & Milly Wallace – For assistance with editing and content cohesion.
  • Updating and e-Learning integration – 2019 – Online Training Concepts

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